When do you stop being sexy?

This has been a reoccurring topic that has been thrown my way (several times). Especially since I write sexy hot sex novels. LOL. SO what age? 35? 30? 29?Do you stop being sexy when you get married….have a baby? This topic is really the corner stone and platform upon which I stand. I have been married fifteen years and quite frankly, I will be sexy in my damn casket (It’s in my will). I’m as sexy now as I was when I got married. Maybe more so because I am more comfortable in my sexuality.

I kinda feel sorry for women who feel like they can’t maintain or develop that side of their womanhood because they are a mom or of a certain age. If you got it flaunt it. And for those married women, do you think your husband suddenly stopped being attracted to sexy because YOU got old or had a baby? Um, how do I say this delicately…..check out his secret porn history. Nuff said. LOLOLOLOLOL.

What is so wrong with getting freaky with your man? And hell, what if you’re single in your 30’s or a single mom? Are you supposed to just dry up and wait to die? I say FUCK IT! And I mean that in every way I can think of. *wink*

I’m not saying you have to go all out like me or whip it out on stage at the Grammy’s like Beyonce but find your own sexy. Don’t give it up! That is a VITAL part of being a woman (but not the only side so don’t send me feminist hate mail) so let your freak flag fly! (In a responsible and mature way, of course)

Okay enough of that. I have to go wash my hair.



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