Naked and Afraid (Not for minorities)

So recently my friends have been talking about this show called Naked and Afraid where people go out into the remote wilderness….Naked. They have to see if they can survive with no food, no supplies, no water, no shelter…and no clothes for 21 days. A man and a woman go out to “test” themselves.

Okay so one time last year I caught a piece of an episode where the woman outlasted the dude but then she had to be airlifted out when she caught Dengue Fever from the mosquitoes.  I was like, “Okay this is not for me.” But then one of my friends is obsessed with this show and kept posting about it so I decided to give it a try. I read an article where a woman from the current season said how horrible it was to be out there when she got her period and that she basically sat in the river for the whole time. She had to wipe with leaves…Nope. I don’t even use the wrong brand of toilet paper. I’m not wiping with leaves. Then she said that bugs and leeches were eating her vagina. NOOOOOOO!!!

So I watch an episode with–wait for it–An American Witch and a Survivalist. So the guy actually said he was the number one Survivalist instructor in the country…. So you know HE KNEW he was going to win.

Right off the bat they are naked. Neither one of them are hot.  And it didn’t look like the producers had to blur much of the guy’s nether regions . (If you know what I’m saying) LOL. Then the guy starts blabbing on and on about all his “knowledge” of shit and it was not only getting on my nerves but it was working the American Witch’s nerves as well. But guess what? The big strong man caught Malaria and had to be airlifted out. He lost 20 lbs in like 17 days and was still recovering from the affects of being on the show. The woman seemed to thrive after the dude left until she too got sick from eating part of a parrot’s head that some animal had mauled and left behind.  She lasted until day 20. I think she was a pussy for not toughing it out one more day. I mean she came that far…..

But then I find out YOU DON’T WIN ANYTHING! You put yourself through all that BULLCRAP for BRAGGING RIGHTS???!!! No Thank you.

So Again, I’m talking with my friends and they came to the conclusion that this show is not for minorities. I tend to agree but then my Caucasian friends said they ain’t about that life either. So where THE HELL are they finding these people at?! And here’s what’s even funnier than where they find the people is that the people that do the show are all bitter and upset afterwards and say that this was the worst thing they ever did in their lives.

Anyhoo, I just thought I would share this nonsense with you guys.  Naked and Afraid is not for Black folks and it ain’t for the White people that do the show either.  LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO





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