Totally Random Vol. 2

Rant ON!

Why do my neighbors let their dog run free throughout the neighborhood? And it seems they ESPECIALLY let him out on trash day. SOOOOOOO that little brown dog that is supposed to be white wreaks havoc on the whole neighborhoods trash cans, happily spilling trash everywhere. I hate that dog and I hate my neighbors more for letting it happen.
I have been tempted to call Animal Control several times but children live in that house and I can’t take a pet away from kids no matter how crotchety I am.  So instead of calling the puppy police, I yell at the little hell hound and throw things at it to get it out of my trash.

But while I’m on my ridiculous ass neighbors….They have a BUNCH of children one of which I also hate. (Dang I may need to visit a therapist for all this anger. LMAO) This boy (who is 9 I think) has climbed on the top of my van and truck and I mean on the top top… the roof. He’s kicked up dirt and ant beds from my yard and thrown the dirt all over my side walk and driveway. He’s threatened my child in my own yard. (To which I responded with an even greater threat of violence. It was more of a promise) And finally…..he scratched the holy hell out of my husband’s truck.

Needless to say I have dreams of a tornado touching down on just their house and transplanting their residence to a neighborhood far, far away. Far AWAY! Like China.

Rant OFF!



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