Can you support me like my Maiden Form? (I’ma DDD)

For those who don’t know me……I write books. Naughty ones. (Hehehhe) and I blog (Of Course because you’re reading one). My friends and family know this too but….Most of my friends have never read a word I have written. For reals?!!!! My husband has never read a book, blog, blurb or anything. Really?!!! Yes, I am putting him on mega blast. But he ain’t the only one. I found out some people in my family are shocked when I have another book come out. And I say have you been to my website? Their answer? You have a website? #FacePalm

I understand people who are not close to me who fake support me but when my own family does it???!! I have haters that support me better than my family. (They read every word) . I don’t just talk about sex. Although my books do have hot steamy love making in them. My blogs are about everything.  Maybe I need to tie my husband down to a chair and read to him while I’m naked.  He would pay attention to me then, right? I have no idea what to do about the rest of my peeps. There will be no naked readings outside of my bedroom and I ain’t inviting y’all in there.




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