Seriously Tho?! Vol.1

Sometimes I have to get serious…..

I watch a lot of TV (That’s an understatement) and I happen to catch an episode of Extreme Weightloss. On this episode a guy is trying to lose weight but he is going through custody issues with his ex-wife who is keeping his son from him. This guy is crying and fighting to talk to his son on the phone and see his son for a couple of hours. It brought tears to my eyes. A man that actually wants to be a father is a what I think a REAL man is.

I find this type of behavior EXCUSABLE!! No matter how you feel about that man that YOU chose, your child deserves a father. There are so many women who don’t have the option of having their child’s father in their lives and yet some women use their children as weapons to hurt the ex.  Your children aren’t weapons, tools, or toys to be played with. If you want to hurt the man that hurt you then get the highest amount of child support you can and then become the happiest version of you possible. That is how you hurt em. Don’t use your children.  The only person that you are really hurting is your own child and that makes you the shittiest mother possible. You are the bad guy, the villain.  Not the man you’re trying to get back at.

Well that’s my two cents.





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