Kate Gosselin is my idol

Okay there is so much hate when it comes to Kate Gosselin but I want to go on record in saying she is my IDOL. This woman had EIGHT children that are three years apart!Kate plus 8

I only have two children that are ten years apart and I want to pull my hair out. I do have a plus one (stepchild) that is special needs so it is like having two children closer in age than what they really are, but I damn near need to drink an entire bottle of Moscato at the end of each day. I’m a great mom but I have to tell you as much of an OCD freak as I am, my house is not cleaned every single day because sometimes I just don’t have it in me. This woman’s house is clean AND she has discovered a way to support her million kids and now she is doing it on her OWN….because this is who her husband turned out to be…Jon G1And also…

Jon G2Then this….Jon G3SO basically Kate is a single mother of EIGHT friggin children and somehow she pulls off being a hands on MOM.  She gets up at 5:45am and cooks breakfast for her gajillion children and even MAKES HER OWN BREAD! Every morning! Every GOT DANG MORNING! My kids are lucky if I throw them a pop tart and a bowl of cereal.  Are you serious? She is involved in their lives and loves them and keeps them clean and fed and she talks to them and knows who they are, individually.  She plans elaborate shit for them to do….and yet people with NO kids or *yawn* one child call her stuff like; MONSTER MOM and Bitch. Really?!

Y’all do NOT need to come to my house. I’m the Bosslady and my house is clean but even I fail in comparison to this woman. I spank my kids. I believe in it. I believe in discipline and rules and chores and ALL Of that. I believe in being a PARENT and not a friend but I ain’t no Kate Gosselin. Is she perfect? HELLS NO! But who is? All I’m saying is, I don’t want cameras coming into my house inviting people to judge me and  how I do things. I have a mother in law for that.  LOL.  silly-faceBut truthfully, She has babysitters and help but she keeps it to a minimum. I would have maids and nanny’s and a personal chef, a personal masseuse and a therapist on tap if I were her. Why are people hating on this woman so much? She could have turned out like Nadya Suleman. Remember her? The Octomom who lives on welfare and couldn’t sell her story to a network so she did porn? Now she’s in trouble with the government for defrauding welfare…..and her kids live in filth and chaos.



Member her…1340749683_nadya-suleman-lgThis could be Kate….dirty mom or how about this….dirty mom 2Laundry anyone??dirty mom 3Even Elmo looks shocked in one of these pics. I once read a story about how selfish Kate was for changing her appearance and working out. Um…..she once looked like this:kate 5And her belly looked like this:Kate bellyBecause she had six children in that belly! So what, she had plastic surgery.  Can you see her belly???? Now she looks like this…Kate prettyShe looks happy…I’ma have to say…. LEAVE KATE ALONE! LMAOOOO You remember that dude Chris Crocker? Hhahahaha!! If you don’t then watch the video.


That shit is still funny!

Anyhoo, I’ma be over taking a note from Kermit and sipping my tea. It ain’t none of my business tho….Kermit

Carry on



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