Ahem….Allow me to introduce myself. My name is…

It has come to my attention that I have subscribers to my blog that don’t know who am (other than from blogging) so…

I am the the Author Vivienne Craft. I write those cheesy romance novels your girl reads before bedtime and after you’ve pissed her off. And also the ones your boyfriend sneaks to read on his kindle so that no one knows what he’s reading.

“I’m on ESPN.com” man_sneaking_computer_article_caro_article-small_27900 Really? It’s okay to take a peek.


I am a fairly new author but I’ve already sold a gang of books (which makes me giddy) and I’m also a motivational speaker who focuses on women’s issues. That being said I blog because I’m crazy and I want to spread that crazy around.  And it’s fun.

Something else that has come to my attention is that people don’t know what I look like. Really? Do you really need to know what I look like to enjoy my blogs. Maybe you need to imagine a face to go along with the words. No worries! I do that too. I’m a visual learner. All your questions can be answered if you go to my website. There in the land of Vivienne Craft you can find out about my books and what I’m up to, how to contact me and….(Dun Dun Duuuuun) What I look like.

Thanks for playing!


Visit http://www.viviennecraft.com





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