Imitation of Life (My life)

So as a real person (I ain’t inserting my gov’ment name) I have been on my grind since I sashayed out of my mother’s uterus. Over the years I have been a Personal Trainer, Dance and Cheer Instructor, Customer Service Rep., Customer Service Manager, Recruiter, Business Manager, Recruiter (again)/Career Counselor, Romance writer/Motivational Speaker. WOrk Bitch

I am always about moving forward because if you’re not moving you’re being stagnate. My cheerful personality and “Git Er Done” way of life has propelled me into promotion after promotion and then opportunity after opportunity . That being said every step of the way people have been biting my swag. Yeah I said it. Swag-Gif-7

If not a friend (really frenemy) then a co-worker…SOMEONE has been trying to take my idea or do what I do. ALWAYS. Sometimes they fail and sometimes they succeed. Sometimes they even ask me how I got where I got and want the details of what I did to get there. Now after all these years, you would think I would be used to people taking a big bite out of my ass but I’m not. It surprises me every damn time.

I become a personal trainer then like eleven of them fall out of the trees. I become a recruiter and then people start asking me what I got my degree in so they could follow in my footsteps. I venture out on my own and people want to know how I got my clients and how much money I make. I start writing and blogging and then pretty much everybody I know has got a book (but want to know what I did) or doing some type of blog.  Now I know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but these people aren’t my buddies that I’m helping or someone I’m mentoring (I have absolutely no problem doing that. I do it all the time). I’m talking about people who would talk about me like I was their husband’s side piece or I smacked their kid in the face so it’s a little creepy. I take it all in stride mostly but every now and again when I get a little Agg (I remember the 90’s like it was yesterday) I blog about it for the amusement of my Craft-ies. Who needs therapy?Therapy

You wonder what started this weeks rant? Well besides me having anger issues (Yeah I can be a positive person AND have anger issues) I got a call from a girl I used to work with who was supposedly checking in on me. Uh huh? So after a few minutes she says that she went to my website ( <—–shameless plug) and found out I am an author and a speaker. She then informs me that she has a blog (no shameless plug for her) and she wants to know how I have had success doing this and if I’m making a living off of it. Really Bitch?! Sooooo…I’m just supposed to open my secret vault of success and hand you the blueprints. I didn’t even like you. Then she gets mad at me for shutting her down.

Bitch PleaseAnyhoo….Vent over. I have no problem helping people but I at least have to like you or you’re paying me. LOL Meanwhile I’ll just be over here sipping my tea waiting for the next clone.




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