Rant & Roll Vol. 1

Okay so, I’m just going on a Rant….

Why do people feel the need to take a STAND on social media Challenges?

I have seen this so much lately.  You don’t know what I’m talking about????

The Ice Bucket Challenge, The Pretty Face Challenge, The Grown and Sexy Challenge, Sexy Selfie, What I’m Grateful For Challenge, I’ma female Challenge, Whatevs……

If you are one these people taking a stand on a Social Media Challenge then you need to Getcho Life and Buy a Dream. Sidenote: I actually told someone that in real life. I may have anger issues.

But Seriously….You DON’T have to take the challenge and it’s okay. No one will come to your house and shame you. No one will arrest  you. The earth will not stop spinning. Psst! These Challenges aren’t real challenges.

I have seen people say stuff life like: I don’t want to see another person pour a bucket of ice water on their head. Just give a donation. STFU! Did YOU give some money to a cause? NOPE!  Getcho life and Buy a Dream!

Another Person said: I don’t need to show my Pretty face because there is more to me on the inside. Okay first off you have more Selfies than Kim Kardashian and we’ve seen them all. If you have ever taken a selfie with the caption “She Cute” then YOU HAVE ALREADY DONE THE PRETTY FACE CHALLENGE!!!! GTFOH

OMG! One person took a stand Talkin Bout. I’m too Grown for the Grown and Sexy Challenge….. *Side Eye*

Beyonce, Can you take this one?

Bitch Please

While I’m on this rant (LOL. I’m Cracking myself up here) STOP announcing that you’re leaving Social Media. Just STAAAHHHP. First of all you’re lying because you’ll be back in three days or less. Secondly, you ain’t fooling nobody with your MULTIPLE pages that you’re using to see the very thing you’re taking a stand against….waiting on someone to say, “Comeback,so and so, Comeback”, “No don’t go…..our lives will not be same with out you.” No one is saying that and if they are they don’t mean it. I’m not saying you can’t take a break because sometimes the negativity can be a bit much. Just stop saying you are done with it because when you post some strange random ass “I’m back”post there will be someone to call you out on it. And hopefully I can read it and laugh my ass off.

Also stop with the “I don’t have time to be on here or I don’t have time to respond to _____________(fill in the blank). Bish if you got time to post THAT post then you have time to respond. And P flipping S THAT IS A RESPONSE!

Whew! I’m glad I got that off my chest.  Carry on.

Social Media has changed people and I’m just here to read the comments.




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