Author Answers Vol 1.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE….did I mention love? getting fan mail from my Crafties.  I usually get the questions or correspondence through my Facebook page (  or directly to my email. I wanted to share with you some of the questions and my responses. Enjoy!

“You have a thing for underwear being torn off. This seems implausible.”

Dear Crafty,

I do have a thing for underwear being torn off.  It’s one of these things that makes me hot in theory…. In my fantasies. In real life, I pay a lot of money for my lace underwear and if my husband somehow ripped them off of me that would pretty much end the sex for the night and they are nearly impossible to rip off.  Also, I have tried to rip the cheap underwear off myself as research. I was able to pop the ones with a string for the sides.  So it is possible. P.S. I wouldn’t be mad if my husband ripped the 99 cent underwear in the heat of the moment.



“A lot of the Exes in your books come back from the past to pursue or stalk your leading ladies. Is this something that happened to you in real life.”

Dear Crafty,

YEEESSS! I haven’t had that many actual boyfriends in my lifetime (because I have been married since I was 12. LOL) But I did date a lot. And I mean date as in going out on dates not having sex. I don’t know if people do that anymore. I have had many of my dates AND boyfriends try to get back into my life at one point or the other. Some of them in a very negative way. This is one of the “true life” aspects I include in my books.  This has happened more times than I care to admit.


“Your books are short and sweet. I want longer books.”

Dear Crafty,

I am working on writing longer books but I don’t put filler in my books so all the story lines are there to move the plot. In short my characters speak to me and tell me what they want me to say…..I’m working on it.


“Is your husband white?” and “Are you black?”

Dear Crafty,

Although I have dated men of all nationalities, my husband is black.  AND I am a black woman. That is my picture on the back of the book and on my FB page/Website.



If you want to send me a question or just say hi, you can email me at or inbox me on my Facebook page (I have already provided that link) or you can always visit my website and go to the contact me page.

I would love to hear from you. And I will actually write you back.



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