To Beyhive or not to Beyhive. That is the question

Okay so… I am a fan of Beyonce but I would not consider myself a member of the Beyhive (Beehive) and I don’t exactly worship at the altar of Beysus but I do have a confession to make….

I am (embarrassingly) emotionally tied to Beyonce.

Bitch PleaseI know Bey. I know.

Let me splain.

I am from Houston and I am two years older than Bey. To me she represents all that I can accomplish in life. Sure I can’t sing to save my life and I don’t have a mom to make my costumes and a crazy stripper banging Dadager to push me to success but I have talent. And in my own way I can be successful on a Beyonce level. (Shut up I could)

Kelly shocked

But anyhoo, I use her as Motivation (You see what I did there. Kelly Rowland)   I have been a fan and I even listened to or have all of Bey’s albums but it wasn’t until this last album that I got all attached. I just felt like I related to the majority of the stuff on there. And the videos….shit. I was like she had just had a baby when she shot those. I need to get my  ass on the treadmill. I dance and so I was in my room memorizing routines and making up new ones. Again shut up. I know how old I am.

And the theme of feminism and female empowerment went hand in hand with my platform that I preach to women.

I was in love. I felt Bey was my personal friend that I was sharing advice and experiences with. She was talking to me and I was talking to her right back. Yes. I will admit that I cried when I heard Blue for the first time (and a couple of times since) and when I watched the video. I could feel her love for her child and subsequently felt the love for my own child.

In my everyday life, I’m not all What would Bey do? So I don’t think I’ve gone into the crazy Bey zone so I think I’m still good.

I was inspired to write this Blog because I just watched that special on HBO and I was feeling some kind of way. (LOL I hate that phrase)  I was emotional like with tears in my eyes. Looking like….teary eyes

My best friend (Hey Wifey ) and I went to the OTR tour went it came to Houston and it was a good night.  Let’s just say we had a good time (along with 90% of Houston)


Bey OTRI was there……WOOT!

I just feel connected to Bey in some way. Early on (Like when she was with Destiny’s child) I met her several times. I used to work at Dave & Buster’s. They used to love to go there.  And Bey was nice every time she saw me and remembered who I was. She even flirted with my husband once. That was comical. I’ll blog about that one day.  And the other girls were let’s just say….bitches. Yeah I said it and I never do but they were.  Yup even Kelly. Although I have forgiven her since then. LOL

All that being said.  I think I’m still a fan. And not  a card carrying member of the Beyhive.

Whachu think?



One thought on “To Beyhive or not to Beyhive. That is the question

  1. Hey! I got a shout out! 🙂

    Like you, I too feel like she’s an old friend. I have never got to meet her,but I’ve seen her in concert several times,and her being a couple years older than me I have always felt or understood what she was going through at the moment in her music or life, because, “HEY,THAT IS WHAT I’M GOING THROUGH TOO!”

    …minus the hard body,flawless voice,mega bazillions,and yachts and things.

    When she and jay found love,I was so happy. The time around them really being public with it,and getting married was around the same time my best boy friend (now husband) asked me to be his girl,move in and get married. Then , I am Sasha Fierce came out. That album was a soundtrack to my life and the love i felt was right there in her music. Needless to say we had a poor man’s Bey and Jay wedding with me walking in to Ave Maria, walking back as husband and wife to Crazy in love, and leaving for our wedding night to Bonnie n’ Clyde ’09.

    I have watched the HBO OTR Tour at least twice now so that makes 3 times crying during the concert. Lmao.

    All this to say my dear,we might not be obsessive Bey fans that get tattoos,and think they actually ARE Bey…but we have old and strong emotional connections to her and her music. We are HoneyBees whether we want to admit it or not. WE BOTH feel the same way about Gaga,and quickly call ourselves Little Monsters,even though we both know there are way more hardcore fans out there than us. We love these bitches. THE END.
    P.s. i love u.

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