Author Answers Vol.2

I love these questions so much!

1. What do you really look like?

I have no idea why this is such an issue. Are there white people going around posing as black people? If so, don’t get pulled over by the police while you’re doing it. Anyhoo, this is a question I get most.  LOL. I was told that I was getting this question because I only have the one picture on my book and then nothing else but I have several pics on my website and Facebook.

Okay let’s clear this up once and for all. I’m a black chick.

10645117_10204725777171200_4615179324496460320_nThis is me considering how someone could think I was a white chick posing as a black chick.  LOLOLOLOL. Not really. I was hungry and waiting on food.

Here’s another one of me with black hair.  (I change my hair color alot. You know just keeping it fresh.)

10007382_10203695362491477_6875211323551647475_oWell there ya have it. I hope that clears some stuff up.

2.  What do you do when you are researching for a book? How do you come up book ideas?

I read everything and I watch a shit ton of TV. When I’m in research mode I have my Kindle attached to my hand reading as much as possible. I like thrillers, suspense and of course Romance and erotica.

I watch so much TV it scares me. I wish I could get paid for the amount of TV I watch. Between all that I get my inspirational juices flowing.  I usually will dream of something I want to write about. I have learned that I can not write anything unless I am inspired AND in a good writing mood. When I am having a crappy day, I can’t write one word.

3. Will you ever tell us what parts of your books are from your real life?

Um well…..

Maybe I’ll blog about it! But I prefer to keep you guessing.

4. You must be getting it on a lot.  *bobs eyebrows*




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