Totally Random Vol. 4

I get asked about my writing a lot. How I get inspired? What made me do it in the first place? Did I always yearn to write? Okay the last person just asked me did I always want to write. Yearn was my word. That ought to give you a clue as to what my answer is.

I am very much a left brained kind of gal. I think linearly. When A + B does not equal C my brain short circuits.  I live off of Science. I love it. Biology especially. I thought I would become a doctor but that dream was dashed when I graduated high school younger than most and my mom wouldn’t let me leave the state to go to school. But despite all that regimented left brained thinking, I have a romantic heart. That right brained part of my soul wanted to make itself known.

I read a lot. I mean a lot, a lot. Back when books were actual books. I used to order them by the box full.  And that’s where I learned words like hither, yearn, and verbiage. It didn’t even enter into my mind that I could write anything. Sure I aced every essay or book report that came my way but that was school. I had no idea I could write something people would want to read and not just something a teacher was forced to read because she assigned it to me.

But one day, I sat at my new computer and  ideas started to flow.  I actually wrote two novels. One was an autobiography.  Both books were super serious. I was clearly taking MYSELF too seriously. In fact, one of the publishers I sent my books to said that exact thing, NO! and you’re taking yourself way too seriously.  In the end, I couldn’t even re-write anything because that computer caught fire and destroyed both books. I had only pieces of it left.  Lesson learned. Always back up your work.

For the next couple of years, I got busy working and forgot about writing  and also life kicked my ass. But there is this thing called insomnia. Yeah I have it on occasion. I did everything in the middle of the night (except sleep) and so I sat and wrote.

I was inspired by my own amorous love life (with my husband of course).  And thus it began.

I dream about my next story. Literally. I do what I can to get inspired but then I dream about the characters and make notes on story lines when I wake up. I have become obsessed with working out a plot. I kind of quiz myself by guessing plots of TV shows and movies. And I’m pretty darn good at it.

I am still an analytical thinker but in a very creative way.


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