Fappening Fallout

Okay so…..If you don’t know what the Fappening is, I suggest you Google it and come back to this rant.

In the wake of all these Celebrity nude leaks I hear a bunch of judgements being dealt out about these women. Not the judgment about their morality. I don’t care about that. Everybody has taken a naughty picture in some way, shape, or form.  Whatevs on that.

Here’s  what the judgement is that I have a problem with.  Dudes talking about….they ain’t all that. I’ve seen better. Especially the Megan Goode &  Gabrielle Union pics. This led me down a whole rabbit hole of hating dumb ass dudes. I said dumb ass dudes, not all dudes.

Dudes have these unrealistic expectations of what women should look like and in most cases the women they are actually with are not up to regular guy standards let alone Dwayne The Rock Johnson standards. We (I say we cuz you know…I’m a girl) are expected to have no body fat except for our tits and ass which is impossible. So we resort to fake boobies and ass shots. Ass shots…..I have to shake my head at that. Fix a flat and silicone in our asses so that a guy that looks like he ate his former self and has never been to a dentist can like us. NO!

And let’s just say we are au natural like myself.  We are expected to eat very little and workout all day. No thanks. (I do work out but I’m going to eat) Why are guys so hypocritical? And why do we as women allow this bullshit? At the very least we should be making those mofos go on a diet and take a shower. Have you guys  heard of an iron? How bout a haircut? And what is it with these unruly ass beards? Facial hair can be sexy but these bush man cave man beards have got to go. You guys out there looking Tom Hanks in Cast away. My name ain’t Wilson!

I’m all for looking hot and sexy for my man but I have to want to do it for myself first AND he should also want to look hot sexy for me too.

Anyhoo, back to the Fappening. These guys passing down all this judgement on these women with the leaked pictures knowing that if that same woman was nekkid in front of them they would cum all over themselves before the girl even got a chance to touch them.

Stop Frontin!

I’ma just leave this here for  you…





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