The Green Eyed Monster

Soooooooo…. Yesterday my hubbs and I were at the gas station and he’s looking out the window.  A woman in tight jeans (complete with swinging ass) walks by.  He looks and has this semi-smirk on his face.  I react appropriately by punching him in the arm.  He laughs.

I laugh too but then I start to feel some kind of way. Eeww, I feel jealous. Now keep in mind, I rarely ACTUALLY feel jealous. I may play jealous for the sake of keeping it spicy but I almost never actually feel that way. So this rare occurrence had me doing a self evaluation. Am I not feeling my best? Where is this insecurity coming from? I realize any man reading this is hitting the eject button right about now but this is a glimpse inside the female psyche.

I’m not conceited but I know what I got going on. (Every woman should know her own worth) but that five seconds of my hubbs looking at another woman and thinking whatever he was thinking had me wanting to basically say, “Look at me!” “What do you like about her?” “What, you don’t like me anymore?” And if you knew me in real life, you would know that I rarely have two fucks to rub together.

I blame my girl parts for this shit. I used to be perfect. I used to be more like a man–that is less emotional. Ever since I had my child, I have been all in my feelings. I hate it. I have sorta returned to normal at this point but when stuff like this happens I want to start TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy). What the hell yo?!

Don’t worry, it’s been a few hours and I’m okay now.


BTW, the Hubbs totally denies looking at this chick. He said she walked into his line of vision. Dude, I have seen every man sketch on TV telling you how to get your peep on. If you see a girl and you think you want to check her out but you are with YOUR girl, simply turn your head in the direction the first girl is walking. That way she walks into your line of vision and there is nothing you can do about it.  #SWERVE

This guy is hilarious.



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