You think you’re safe but NO ONE’S SAFE!!!!


For you people in relationships that think your mate will NEVER cheat on you or NEVER find someone else to be with you are kidding yourself. Real Talk!

For some reason people seem to think their mate will never cheat (or just leave). Believe me when I tell you I have been in that river DENIAL.  I remember once (some years ago) DECLARING my man would never cheat only to find out the NEXT WEEK he was in fact getting low and dirty with a hobag that was making her rounds through the friendship chain.  No bueno……

But my point is, people who are handling their business in a relationship get cheated on, so you KNOW if you’re not doing what you need to do then your relationship is vulnerable and therefore can be penetrated. <—– You see what I did there?

I thought about this as a blog because I had a convo about a couple where the wife was a SAHM (Stay at home mom) totally dependent on her—let’s just say neglectful husband and she recently got a job. I said the husband needs to step his husbandry game up. I was told she ain’t interested in going anywhere because she loves her husband and doesn’t want to uproot her child. MMMhmmm *side eye*

Let me be clear (Stephen A. Smith). I have no idea why I have been referencing Stephen A. so much lately.  Anyhoo…..let me be clear. I’m not saying it’s a forgone conclusion that anyone will cheat but I am saying,  you living in a fool’s paradise if you think your woman is not susceptible to being seduced by someone who is willing to do what you don’t do.  A lonely person seeks attention and affection. Even if said lonely person is TOTALLY IN LOVE with their mate, they can get got.  You think you’re safe but NO ONE’S SAFE.

What is the point of this blog? Take care of home or someone else might.

Just Sayin…


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