When yo friends ain’t your friends no mo…..(sic)

So like I keep my circle small but I have had several conversations about why that is. I could meet a girl tomorrow and she will claim I’m her best friend. Beyonce, take this one.Bitch Please

Bish…..I don’t know you! LMAOOOOO

So I’m not a total beeeoottch! I actually have tons of friends but my inner circle is small. I like it that way. One day people like you and then one day they don’t. I ain’t got time for that shit. I have run the gambit in friends. People who claim to be my bestie but the whole time they are hating me and wishing for my downfall if not actively working to bring about my demise. It may sound aggrandizing but know this– almost everyone reading this post may have the same thing happening to them. That means you, too!

You don’t have to be a Best Selling Author (shameless plug) to get hated on. In fact, most of my hating experiences happened when I was just me , (Gov’ment name redacted). People recognize what they lack in other people and are attracted to that. Like a moth to a flame.  Some people make that friendship symbiotic and positive and some people just hate.

Haters gone Hate.

Anyoo…you have to be cognizant of that moment when your friend stops being your friend. It may be hard for you to see because  you are so close to the situation. Your other friends see it. Your family sees it. Listen to them. Believe me when I tell you that when your bestie stabs you in the back it hurts so much more than you would think. And sometimes it takes a long ass time to get over.

I’ll share this one story. A while back I had a “friend” start telling me all this weird shit like, “Why you with that dude?” “You sure you wanna wear that?” “When you start hanging out with so and so?” Then she starts hanging out with so and so.  Like outta no where. I thought she had my back but…… Yeah No. She didn’t. Then she starts telling me about all the fantastic shit she been doing. Like she has to one up me with every thing. I tell her I went shopping she tells me how she went on a shopping SPPPRREEEEEE! (Yeah it was like that). I tell her I’m getting a new car. She tells me she getting a new luxury car. I get a raise. She tells me how she blew my whole salary at the casino. Finally, I stopped talking to her.  (After everybody I knew said she was fraud) She came back into my life a couple of years ago asking to be my friend again…… Well you can guess how that went.

Beyonce sang it…..to-the-left

All I’m saying is just be aware of who let in. And every now again….spot check and clean house.





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