I thought I was done but they keep pulling me back in

Okay soooo…. I have one child whom I love and is turning 10 next month.  And I also have my plus 1 who became my own child when I married my husband who is now 19.  I thought I was done. Both children are girls and my husband kind of always wanted to try for a boy although he has changed his mind quite a bit on wanting another child.

My daughter is absolute fabulocity. She is the best of both me and my husband. I always think that maybe I shouldn’t mess with perfection. She is such a good girl. So maybe I shouldn’t try for another. And then what if I wound up having mutliples???!!! Oh hell naw!

Shocked Face

And well…I am not  a fan of late in life children (for myself not for other people).  So I have about 5 years to go before we get into that territory so my self imposed time limit is coming.

Recently, every body I know is having a baby and I have been fighting the baby fever like it’s that black plague.  But this month I was a week late…. I’m never late. So I obviously thought I was preggers. And guess what I was happy. Not freaking out.  When I found out I wasn’t pregnant I was sad. And I immediately started making plans to get pregnant….ON PURPOSE. Who does that? LOL (I know who. Don’t take it literally. It’s a joke)

I thought I was out of this baby making game.  Maybe I’m not.


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