When will he pop the question?

Okay so I don’t know how many times I have been asked this question. My girlfriends all want to know how I GOT my husband to propose to me.  You can NOT GET a man to propose to you. If he wants to marry you he’ll propose.

Much in the way we women know if we’re going to give up the pannie drawers when we meet a man, the guy knows when he’s ready to marry. Real Talk I have been seriously proposed to 11 times in my life. 6 of those 11 were with rings. 3 of those 6 with rings I would actually consider. (It’s superficial I know but that’s real talk)

Now I’m not bragging because there is a reason I said NO to all but one and laughed at some. And I’m not saying I’m the shit (what you want I’m the shit—Beyonce). I don’t have some secret system for getting a man to propose. What I do know is that I never dropped any hints or got pregnant to trap the guy or held a gun to his head. He was ready and he took me ring shopping. The END.

Sometimes, a guy will need time to get it together. But women waiting for six years and they have no ring may need to have a conversation. I’m not saying that if you have been in a long term relationship that you will never get married but you need to prepare yourself to be patient if you are into waiting.

Look everybody doesn’t want to get married. But if you do…..and he doesn’t… then he’s probably not going to propose.

Just my two cents.


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