Totally Random Vol. 6

okay sooo….

I have had a couple of weird comments about my blogs. I have no idea why not that many people will comment on the actual blog site but whatever….. (Comment on here) One was that my blog in general was stupid. I laugh at that one. (I’ve heard it more than once) I like to blog about things that are happening in my actual life and not plagiarize or rework other people’s blogs.  My life is comical enough to have material for many many stupid blogs.

Mostly I talk about stuff that has happened to me….

For example: I post about when people flirt with me on my personal Facebook page. I’m sure some people are like this bitch here….. Okay but here’s the funny part (if only I find it amusing) No one good ever flirts with me. It’s usually a could be homeless man or an actual homeless man. The hustle man selling DVD’s. Or some dude with a  jheri curl and no teeth.  If it is someone of sound mind or body he’s with his girl or family and flirting with me in total scumbag fashion and it makes me want to hurl.  I think once every four to seven years a good looking dude will flirt (who is not with his girl).  The other day this random white guy told me I had “a nice ass. A nice round ass.”  He looked like a child molester or like he was on someone’s “Watch List”. Needless to say I got in my car and locked the door.

I also blog about stuff that is totally random….

For example:

When ever I meet a couple I immediately think of what kind of sex they have.  Like what positions? Do they talk dirty to each other? Do they walk around naked? Do they get extra freaky and if so how freaky? Then inevitably I think that maybe they are thinking the same thing about me and I silently call them a pervert. ( I totally see the hypocrisy in that) LOLOLOLOL.

Anyhoo, I will keep blogging even if it is stupid.




4 thoughts on “Totally Random Vol. 6

  1. Is my mom the last mom who taught, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?”. Let me answer that, “NO!!” I’m teaching my daughter the same lesson. I just don’t understand people. To the person who said this blog is stupid, here’s a clue for ya…Don’t read them.
    For those of us who actually enjoy the break in day, please continue writing. I’m not gonna lie, sometimes the topic doesn’t interest me and I don’t finish reading them. But the ones that do (most of them) are HILARIOUS and tears mixed with laughter is the best feeling in the world – well, right after cussing out my workout video at the END of a workout.
    PS. My FAVORITE yet was the pizza-boob story. I’m giggling just thinking about it.
    Keep on keeping on, please!!!

  2. I love your blogs!! I look forward to reading them because I know I will have a really good laugh or think I’m not the only one! Thank you for writing them!! Screw the haters and tell them to kiss your nice round ass!! Xoxo M

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