Facebook Phenonemon Part 2

Okay for some reason people seem to think it’s okay to post a bunch of personal shit and then complain about people judging them on it. Umkay…..here’s a news flash. People judge people….harshly. People also react to what has been put out there.  SO if you talk about your relationship, your money, your sexual preference, who you do or don’t like then people will have something to say. If you post sexy pics and someone calls you sexy…..Um Hello!!!

You put it out there. No one forced you to do it. And hell I’m not even judging about what people choose to share, only the fact that they complain about it.  I’m just saying no one posts something on Facebook or Instagram to be PRIVATE and if you are….You’re doing it wrong.

I happen to take a moment and think about what I post because I know once I press the button it is in cyberspace forever. So whenever I post my sexy pics or bikini pics or whatever, I know people will see it.  LOL (And this is also why I don’t have any bikini pics out there. Believe me I’m saving you.)

I saw one post were a girl went on this long ass rant about being natural and to not put things into your body that aren’t organic and come from the earth. Don’t eat meat and so on and so forth. Meanwhile, she’s posting 785491 bikini pics with her big fake titties. When I say people went in on her…..that is an understatement. Now I am not a hater of fake titties but for reals? She was super butt hurt too.  This one girl asked her about shaming women who wear weave and yet she is sporting some huge plastic knockers. LOLOLOLOL.  She posted about her true fans understanding her lifestyle.  Yeah her hypocritical posting lifestyle. LMAOOO

I’m friends with a bunch of body building guys who are also models.  They all post pics of varying degrees of nudity. This one guy posts selfies in his underwear and you can clearly see the outline of his cock. Like CLEARLY. I’m embarrassed to look at them and I’m well….me. He went on a LONG ASS rant about women treating him like a piece of meat and asking him to lift his shirt to let them see his abs. I mentally rolled my eyes so hard. I’m surprised my eyes didn’t just keep rolling and fall out of my head. He literally had pictures and posts telling women TO look at his abs. You train people on how you want them to treat you.

Look post whatever you want. This is the age of putting it all out there but if you do….know that people will react in some kind of way.  Rule of thumb: If you post it…People can see it.

Just be aware. Just Saying.

Anhyoo….rant over.



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