Okay here’s a quickie!

So I had a Crafty (one of my readers) email me about my series Secrets: The Researcher. She told me one of her friends recommended the book to her and that I knew her friend. She told me how much she enjoyed the book and now she is a fan. The Crafty tells me about how our mutual friend has known me for years and how proud of me they are.  How we hang out all the time and how she was a fan of my writing from the beginning. I was a bit confused on this part because I know the person who the Crafty was talking about and we  aren’t that close. Like for reals. I haven’t seen this person in about seven years. SO whatevs….

I contact the friend to say thank you for the referral. I ask her what is her favorite book and she tells me Dolce Vita which is my first book. I asked a couple of more questions which exposed this person as having never read anything I’ve written which further increased my confusion. She hasn’t read a book and we haven’t hung out in years but she is promoting my stuff and saying how close we are? SO weird right? It’s not just me?

I didn’t say anything to the friend. She probably won’t read this blog but if she does… Keep doing what you do! Thanks for the referrals.



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