Fat Ass

So I have been living a pretty good healthy lifestyle. I work out and try and eat right. I drink  lots of water…..

SO what that I fell off and have been eating nachos and drinking coke?  Okay let me stop fronting. I have gained 10 pounds since the summer. I have not exactly been in denial. I’ve enjoyed not watching what I eat. But there were other factors too. I injured my foot and I had to take time off and it never healed right. I was sick with the flu for two freaking weeks but now I am better. I’ve been working out consistently and yesterday I started eating better. My body thanked me.

Okay so the other day I was fishing for a compliment from my hubbs. I was checking my reflection in the mirror and I said, “Not bad for a fat ass.”  He gave me the equivalent of a verbal Kanye Shrug. Then finally he says,  “But I like it though.” and slaps me on the ass.  Mmhmm well okay not exactly what I was looking for but…

The next day we wind up talking about it again. (Probably because I brought it up) and he says that I’m not as big as I was when I first started losing weight but I have gained.  Insert sad face.

sad-smileyLet’s just say I’m back on track. LOL.

On the bright side I genuinely believe my hubbs likes my fat ass.  He is a butt man and I’m a chick with boobs.


Thanks for listening.





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