The Reign of Whoredom

Okay so I’m OBSESSED with being single. Not that I want to be single. I don’t. I’m happily married but the idea of being single makes me think of the possibilities. I always want think about what kind of single person I would be. A long time ago when I was single I dated but didn’t sex anybody down. I think in this age of the whore maybe I would be the single girl that spread her love all over the place.

Maybe not. But I think about it. I passed up on a lot of cock. Not that I lament over what I passed up but I mean…maybe there were some stars in that bunch.

Now adays women aspire to be whores. There’s even a cute little name for it. THOT.

T-That H-Hoe (whore) O-Over T-There

So cute right? Oh she’s such a Thottie. I guess I wouldn’t mind being a thottie. Kinda a hottie.

Just think about it. You meet a guy. You think he’s hot. You pop the cookie on him in a Kroger parking lot. That’s how it works right? I really don’t know.

I could get a fake ass and have a guy pay for me to live for a month. LOL. It seems the “relationships” or sponsorships don’t last that long. So you would always be looking for the next score. Man that sounds like a drug addict. And the medical bills would be high. You would have to get tested for STD’s quite often. And stock up on condoms and birth control.

And my single friends always tell me about the lack of quality inventory. Meaning good looking smart men. I would have to maintain my ten (Dime) status and a perfect body for a dude that maybe can only see his penis in the mirror. Hmmmmm. I don’t know.

I guess I would have to forget being respected by my friends and family because inevitably I would be outed by someone and there is bound to be a sex tape somewhere. I think that’s in the THOT handbook.

There is no such thing as a closet whore anymore. Not like in the 90’s. Maybe I need to just stay happily married and forget this whole single life thing.


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