Green Eyed Monster Vol.2

So recently I have noticed a few more people than usual acting brand new. (LOL I loved using that term back in the day). Anyhoo, one of the instances involved someone close to me. This person created a scenario in their own universe saying I did something to them so they could feel justified in being “mad” at me. Now, the kind of person I am, I racked my brain to see what I did wrong. I realized okay so I really didn’t do anything to this person but I went to them to extend an olive branch anyway.  When I went to talk to them I could see the hatred in their eyes. I realized that their problem had nothing to do with what I did but more with who I am.

This person has complained to other people about how I have it so easy in life and how I have all these things. This person took my inventory so to speak. This person even made mention of what I do for a living and how much money they think I make. Jealousy is a powerful thing.

I really cared about this person and the hatred I could see (and feel) they have for me had me all in my feelings for about 24 hours until I shook that shit off. I can not fix another person’s delusion. AND sometimes people are in your life for a season. Maybe their season can come back around but maybe not. And you have to be okay with that….I have to be okay with that.

So although I didn’t like that movie, I have to let it go like Frozen.

Anyhoo, anything that takes me away from my grind is not worth my time.

(Ha! I’m a poet and ain’t even know it)



2 thoughts on “Green Eyed Monster Vol.2

  1. How can you NOT like Frozen????? I’m kidding. I did love it though. Anyway, you are too right. You can’t control how other people feel. And frankly, why would you want to? So much energy and time would go into managing that. I got better things to do, like TGIT. Seriously, I would rather watch some drama than be in the middle of it.
    You know who you are, what you are doing, and your value. Uninvite that fool from your life and move on!!!!

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