Setting myself up to fail….

Every year I promise myself I will do some kind of enrichment for my brain and soul….LOL. It’s my own self improvement. This year I was supposed to learn how to sew, play a guitar and expand my Spanish.

Well that was a big resounding FAIL. I have yet to do any of those things. I feel kind of bad about it, too. Well kind of.

The things I have done this year have been pretty amazeballs.

I have written four books and have become an Amazon Best seller. I am working on my sixth book as we speak.

Check me out:

I never thought I would do any of that while maintaining a business. Anyhoo, now I’m setting myself up for failure.

I haven’t achieved one damned goal but I want to learn to bake.

I already cook but want to bake. Mainly because I like to eat. LOL. Sooooo, we’ll see how it goes.

Fingers crossed.



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