Fight fair? What is that?

So I have  friends that are married or in a relationship that say that they NEVER fight with their significant other.  I’m a spicy little pickle so to say that I don’t argue would be a straight up lie. I have learned how to argue better….I think? Maybe. Well I actually try not to go for the jugular anymore.

People say fight fair…well I have never fought (physically) fair in my life. I will fight with everything I have at my disposal. EVERYTHING! So when I got married, I responded in kind. If he said something to hurt me I wanted to chop him to his knees. But now I go down the passive aggressive route. But at least that’s progress right?

Anyhoo, I have a theory that people who say they never fight either are lying, have a fake relationship or haven’t been together long enough to get around to that real real…..

It’s just a theory.



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