Nah….I don’t know what you mean.

Okay I try not be that person who gives parental advice because mothering and fathering is such an emotional thing.  People can be so touchy and I get that. I am too. But DANGGGGG!!!

Like almost daily I have several conversations about parenting and people asking me for advice. Mostly, I think this is because being an old school mother is becoming a thing of the past and is being replaced with the “I want to be friends” Mom or the “I’m too busy to notice” Mom or my all time favorite “I let my child run all over me because I think it’s cute when my child does bad shit” Mom.

I actually had a great conversation with a Mom this morning about letting our girls be little girls and not letting them grow up so fast. Our ten year olds will have all the time in the world to wear make up and let boys help them make stupid decisions but for right now…let them be little girls. I want my child to enjoy discovering who she is and I’m going to help her do that without strapping her with freedoms that are beyond her years.

But alas that is not what this blog is about. This blog is about the conversations that suddenly go left on me.

Example: I was talking to this one  mom about her kid’s potty training experience and how he’s still wearing diapers. Okay each child goes at his own pace and I get that but if your child is pooping in his diaper then coming and telling you to change him then….that boy can go the bathroom.

Now keep in mind she asked me my opinion first. I told her everything I did that is the exact opposite of what she was doing and then she proceeds to tell me all this other stuff. Then says….”You feel me, right? You know what I mean?” And then I’m over here like, “Nah….I don’t know what you mean. That boy is too big for that mess.’ And then I feel bad because I don’t want to be looking at her like that. I don’t like judging her…but I do.  I have also had a conversation about her older son that is six whom she pushes in a stroller. Nah….I don’t understand that. That boy is too old for that mess.


Now, I NEVER give unsolicited advice and sometimes even when I’m asked I still don’t say anything. Mainly because I can see the conversation going majorly in left field.

Anyhoo, that ever happen to you?



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