Nope…I’m not flirting

I have always been that girl that gets accused of flirting with a guy no matter what. Once, while eating dinner in with my husband, I met eyes with a guy across the room. I smiled and nodded and he did the same. I went back to eating with my husband.  I got up to go to the restroom a while later not even thinking about the brief encounter. The guy’s girl gave me THE dirtiest look on the planet while at the same time cuffing her man. I just wanted to scream, “I DON’T WANT HIM! I was just smiling because I’m nice and now I’m going to pee.”

Like for reals tho….I don’t want him. I barely want mine. (But I love you Hubbs)

And with the invent of Facebook, this phenomenon (of women thinking I’m flirting with their guy) had risen 1000 fold.

All it takes is a dude to like one too many of my pictures, or like a post, or heaven help me if they comment on something I posted. Hell, I might as well shut my page down if I comment on something the dude says. I often want to say “Relax ladies! It’s just Facebook. I like a lot of guy stuff and I watch a shit ton of TV. These are conversation starters.”

Besides I can’t help if your dude likes one of my pictures. I can only guarantee that I’ll probably never see him in real life (because I’m a shut in) or if I do my husband will most likely be with me.  *Kanye Shrug*

For now, I will just deal with the not so random friend request from a girl I don’t know….by hitting delete.

Just know that I’m not interested. For reals.



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