Because I wanted to be a Bloggie

Well by now you know that I blog. But I started doing it for two reasons.

1. My friends and family always hounded me about doing a blog.

2. I wanted to promote my books and build a new audience

Okay but I had no idea what I was doing or how to go about doing it but so far so good.

There is so much to learn about blogging. First of all like the whole negative blogger thing. There are so many negative bloggers ranting and raving about this thing or that thing that newbie bloggers are doing wrong. This I will probably never get. I have enough people in my life trying to tell me I suck. I need to go find someone to tell me I suck.

Then there are the blogs that are just someone else’s blog. I mean either they just copy and paste it or kind of rearrange the words but stealing it none the less. If you don’t have something to say then why blog?

Then I have started to notice the blogs of people who have a how to blog blog but never actually get to the good information. And that’s their whole blog. Interesting.

My point is that these blogs have a lot of followers. Is that what the masses want? I’m still a newbie at this and I’m grateful for all of my followers and people who took the time to like my blog. I’m getting there slowly but surely and I enjoy taking you for the ride.



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