You iz snarky, You iz stupid, You iz unimportant

So….the internet has made people think they are smart, cute, and clever. Let me be clear (Stephen A. Smith). One day he is gonna sue me for that. But anyway…Let me be clear. I am not talking about errbody. I am just talking about those folks who think they have to jump on every post, comment on every blog or sarcastically point out every error.

I used to get mad and confused when I post something (in my personal social media) and one of my “friends” felt the need to tell me how much they hate something I have just said that I love or try and post some snappy comment on something that I have posted directly to another person. Every time it happens I think “Who invited you to the party?” Or  “I don’t think the person I was sending this to appreciates your sour ass input.”

And then when they try to say something to prove their intelligence….Man I just laugh. In this age of Google, people think they are intelligent because they have access to information but intelligence is not only the capacity to obtain and retain knowledge but also the APPLICATION of that knowledge. And guess what? I didn’t have to Google that. I lernt it in skool.

But my all time favorite is when someone is trying to show someone up being cute and smart and important and they are dead ass wrong.

This happened to me recently…Let’s be honest this happens to me all the time really. Someone was trying to be a little sarcastic puss and they quoted a statistic that I will just have to say was made up and pulled straight from their ass. I have no idea why they thought I wouldn’t look it up……That was a bad move for them. LOLOLOLOL

Anyhoo, If you know someone who is a constant unsolicited smart ass then please let them know They iz snarky, They iz stupid and They iz unimportant.


I enjoyed this post.



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