What about your friends?

So this happened….

A friend of mine told me he and his wife were expecting a baby. I’m all happy trying to fight my own baby fever so I ask how far along she is. He gives me some nonsensical answer that didn’t mean anything. I ask if she’s showing. Another nonsensical answer.

Fast forward two months and the wife has the baby. I’m all over here like waaaaa??? First off she was good and preggo when you triumphantly break the news and secondly I still don’t get a text, call, or nathan? I find out through social media??? And someone else’s social media at that?

You ask why this makes a difference to me? Because he is a LONG TIME family friend. If I had done that and the situation was reversed he would swear I was the devil. And then unfriend me in real life.

What happened to people being friends? Like real friends? To each other not just one way?

I have since woosah-ed and let it go but in the end I have also let the friend go.





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