False Advertising

So men are NOW complaining that women are performing some kind of voodoo sorcery by perfecting their makeup game. These the same dude’s that promote a Kim Kardashian. That chick looks like she’s a member of the Nosferatu family without makeup.  Okay maybe not that bad but….close? (She’s beautiful otherwise)

KIm K no makeupMakeup isn’t a tool of the devil. It’s just an enhancement. Why should a woman have to walk around looking like she just got released from being held hostage for two years so that a dude on the internet can not talk about you? Again….these same dude’s will have a chick wearing a face full of make up (fake ass, boobs, hair and nails) and be sporting her like some new J’s.  Why hate? Congratulate. That shit takes talent.

In fact, I love the transformations. I wish I could get my make up on fleek like these women. (That was the first and last time I will use the word ‘fleek’)

This is amazing to me!!!

Makeup 1Ah May Zing!!!

I love it.  I don’t know. I just think there is so much stuff out there to help you feel good about yourself. All these people hating on weave and makeup and getting your nails done and dressing up and so on…what do they want? We might as well not shower and never go to the gym because that is also altering your natural state.

Me personally? I do what I want (as I think every woman should).  Now take that and fry it up like some chicken.

Just Sayin.



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