Walking Dead–Let’s talk about it

So by now you’ve either seen or someone has ruined the mid season finale of walking dead.  Beth.  Man I didn’t even know how much this would effect me until I saw the bullet go through her head. Hell most of the time Beth annoyed the fuck out of me and I if I had to sit through another one of those lame ass songs that I didn’t think were actual songs I was gonna throw something at the television.

I was so sad though. I wanted to be less effected but there I was sitting on my couch, fighting back tears and trying to appear like I wasn’t two seconds away from sucking up snot. My husband sat not two feet away from me not giving a puredee fuck.

So I put on my big girl pants and didn’t full on cry.

Let me say I loved this season. I was blah to whatever about last season but this… season loved it! You have to realize that I am a fan of the show and of the comic book. Like a die hard fan. I have to break myself into a separate reality to get through knowing what happened in the comic book and how they veer away from it on the show. It made me mad at first but then I was like this is just stupid and then I came back around.

Only for this mess to happen….

How could they kidnap Beth only to make me give a shit about her and then kill her? How could they do it?!

Needless to say, I still have some issues about this and I have no idea how I will make it until February to find out what happens next.



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