Super Secret Girls Time

So…Out of all the jobs that I have, being a mother is my most important one.

I want  my daughter to have the best childhood she can have because she only has this one. And I take my job as her mother very seriously. I want my child to be a happy, responsible, well adjusted successful adult. In fact, I live my whole to be not just a good…but great role model for my child. I do not and will not leave that position up to a stranger.

Anyhoo, I do get mired in being a good mom but I also want to make sure my daughter has great memories with me. So I started a new tradition.

Super Secret Girls Time.

I slip away with her. Just her and I.  We do something that is just for us and we get to be silly, laughing, joking girls. And it’s just for us.

It makes me happy to know that not only am I not raising an asshole (this is a joke but not really). But not only am I raising a smart, beautiful, well-rounded, respectful child but I never miss an opportunity to hug her and tell her I love her. And she will have our Super Secret Girls Time memories for the rest of her life.

And so will I.



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