In the beginning…Part 2

So we can pick up the story where Part 1 ended. (Scroll through my blogs to find Part 1)

I had my disaster with the super tall dude and the others… LOL. My mom told me to find a guy to be with so I tried but I was coming up with big fat zilch. I knew a guy that used to date one of my friends. Honestly, I never even considered him to be a contender. Never. He wasn’t my type and he used to date one of my friends. But he became one of my best friends. I told him everything. I often slipped and called him guuurrrl.

Anyway, one night after one disastrous date where the dude tried to rape me….(Yeah that happened) I went to my friend to cry on his shoulder. Let’s just call the friend Mitch. Anyhoo, Mitch pitched a full out presentation on why I should be with him. He told me he knew I wasn’t his type and maybe I didn’t feel the same for him but that he loved me and that he had for a long time.

It was the sweetest most romantic thing any man had ever said to me. I fell for it, hook, line and sinker. It went against everything I was feeling but he said something that I will never forget. He told me that I’d built walls around my heart so that no one could get in and hurt me. That I never let anyone in. But that if I let him in he would spend the rest of his life loving and treating me like the queen that I am.

Good right? It was good. He was right about the walls. I should have left those walls in place though. I shouldn’t have let him in because he turned out to be the worst kind of dude. The dude that makes you fall in love with him.

I did fall in love and it was great but it was all delusional. He was cheating on me I think from the very beginning. Yup. The betrayal was hard but it taught me a valuable lesson. Even the “nice guys” can be assholes. That situation made me grow up a lot.

Meanwhile…..I was hanging out with new friends. One of which was my future hubbs. We were friends. Like real friends. (I guess I am susceptible to the friendship backdoor) Anyway one of my best memories I have of my budding friendship was the day we went to the car wash.

It was a beautiful sunny spring day, I needed to wash my car and the future hubbs asked to come with me. We were in one of the self serve car washes. I had on a lavender sundress with pretty flowers. He laughed with me and chased me with the water. It was so fun. I felt safe. It was one of the first times I had purely laughed from being happy since I broke up with the ex.

Years later….and I mean years. My hubbs told me what he remembered most of all was having a hard on the whole time because I didn’t have a bra on under my dress and when he wet me up he could see my nipples and the outline of my G-string.

Anyhoo….we hung out more and more together. I knew I was in love when one day I was at work feeling a little extra low and he walked into the room. I found myself smiling like a silly little fool and he hadn’t even seen me yet. I knew. He was the one.

It’s funny that we never had a conversation about being together. We just were.

Ain’t love grand?



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