Whaa! Whaaaa! Man up already.

Okay so….I’m basically a dude but with tits and a vagina. LOL. I have been better at being a girl since I had a child but I couldn’t fight that because of the hormones.  But because of my man-ness I get majorly aggravated when women start complaining about some heartbreak or some drama. I just start rolling my eyes.

RDJThat is basically what I look like…..

But you know what?… I can forgive a girl for putting our business all there for those to judge because we’re women and we do what we want. But I can’t forgive a dude, especially a grown ass dude, whining all on social media about a girl or some drama or blah blah blah. Dude do you have friends.

What has the internet done to people? You putting ALL your private business out there and then write post after post, crying over some chick. I just can’t.  Now I’m all for being heartbroken but save it for private time. Stop putting that shit out there for all us normal people to suffer through.  And you’re a man for Pete’s sake. Sac up!

Then I think it’s all for like sympathy and attention because of all the schmoes liking and commenting on that Bullshit. Please buy a real friend.

I have never thought I would see the day when grown ass dudes would cry on Facebook and Instagram for weeks at time. Is that what social media is for? Eew.

Anyhoo, carry on. Sometimes people all in their feelings is better than cable.


I’ll be watching and…judging.



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