If the shoe fits….

So…One of my friends confronted me about one of my blogs. MMkay. Truth be told this is not the first time I have been confronted about something I have said. (and it won’t be the last)  Anyhoo, something about what I wrote didn’t sit well with this person.

My response was…why do you think its about you? That stumped them. I mean honestly, I know more than one person and I talk to more than one person. Why on earth do you think my post or whatever is about you? This particular post is, in fact, about the one person I had the conversation with and that’s about it. But overall, I’m usually taken off guard about who thinks what is about them. But why tho? jonah_the-f

Instead of confronting me about something you think is about you, why not ask yourself this? Why do you want it to be about you? What is it that you see that reminds you of yourself? Think about it and explore that shit on your own. Especially since the majority of my posts are talking about some shit that happened to me. LOL

It’s funny. I picture people reading my blogs all mad as hell like….this bitch. Let me scroll thru and see what else she saying about me.

did this bitch

I mean I have to laugh because the person I’m actually writing about usually tells me how much they like the post.

Anyhoo….unless I mention you by name (which is rare because all names have been changed to protect the innocent….and the guilty) or if I directly quote you, then know I’m not talking about you. So basically, if the shoe don’t fit, quit forcing your fat ass toes in the motherkcufer.

close up stuffed

*Kanye Shrug*



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