I feel like…You’re stupid.

Okay soooo…. I have been feeling like straight trash. I had a cold then got over that and then I caught the flu and then last night I had the WORST case of insomnia ever so Happy Holidays to me.

But as always my life is entertainment at it’s fullest.

I have men fans Who knew? But men read my blogs….and they have opinions. And I read them…and judge them.

Anyhoo, one such man was, let’s just say, concerned with the fact that I write about men treating women a certain way. Meaning I think women should be treated like the Queens we are. I know that this is really a dying practice. As I have said before (many times), men expect us to look perfect, cook, clean, work, have sex like a seasoned sex worker and shake our asses like strippers. Meanwhile….he looking like a cross between Fat Albert and Biz Markie.  And then he brings nothing to the relationship table. Monogamy is like…the dinosaurs–extinct. And chivalry went out in the 1800’s.

We are expected to either be a side chick or tolerate one or many.  I am HIGHLY jaded about relationships and I know how that sounds since I have been in one for all of my adult life. I am lucky in so many ways to have the kind of man that I have but I do not lose my head and think my relationship is immune. I know that there is a possibility that even my sweet hubbs could be brought down by a skank or two. Temptation is real.

But all that being said, I am not crazy or over reaching to expect to be treated well.  So to the guy that sent me that comment about me expecting to be treated a certain way…You are correct sir.

I deserve it and so does any other loyal, hold you down woman.  And then I get on my FB and some dude talking bout men shouldn’t chase women to get them. Get the Fuck outta here. That is why you’re single. If you don’t think a woman is worth the effort of chasing then she ain’t the woman for you. There ain’t nothing wrong with showing a woman how much you want her. Then the dude was like fuck that girl if she wants you to chase her.

I am telling you, I could not roll my eyes hard enough. What is happening to men? What is happening to relationships? I don’t know but I will definitely have to explore this further.





One thought on “I feel like…You’re stupid.

  1. You know where to find me when you figure it out. In the meantime, I’m doing just fine by myself enjoying a side distraction here and there. Because until I find that man who WILL treat me the way I deserve to be treated (chasing included), I will continue to enjoy my single life!!!!!!!!

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