This is personal

Okay so this may be my most personal blog yet….

My last blog started some interesting conversations about men in society and whether or not I think they are all assholes. I have pissed off some dudes.

Sorry. Not Sorry.

As I told one of my good friends, no I don’t think all men are assholes. Despite how my blog touched some people, I am not man bashing. I’m simply saying women should be treated well and unfortunately our society is moving away from that.  From the women I know (and some of the men who be snitching on themselves), being a good man in the realm of relationships is not number one. But putting that all aside, I do know some good ones.

My brother, for instance, is seriously one the best men I know. Is he perfect? Um NO! But he is perfect in his imperfections.  He is hard working, loves his children, loves his wife and takes care of them all. Not to mention is he is a good looking tall drink of water.

My best friend’s husband is a good man who also loves his wife and daughter. (Believes me when I tell you he can’t get enough of his wife. LOL)

My husband is one. Is he perfect…..HElls NAw! But he is also a hard working man who loves me and his children and takes care of us. He spends time showing us every day that he loves us.

When I was growing up I never really got to know my father and when I was grown and able seek out a relationship he died.  I think about that all the time. Like how my life could have been different if he’d been there with me. I made a vow that when I had a child I would take my time to choose the right man to be her father. I never told anyone that but it’s the truth. I got married young and I waited six years after I was married to have a child just to make sure. But I see how much my husband loves my daughter and I know she will NEVER have to wonder what her life would be like with her father.  She has him and she will have him whether or not I have him. And that is the highest compliment I can give to that man who is my husband.

So see? I love men. More importantly, I love MY man. Not all of you guys are bad….But the one’s who are need a swift kick in the jank.




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