Friendly Friendly Friends

Okay So I have a lot of friends. I’m blessed that way but I swear sometimes I want to shake them. They make me feel like a toy for their amusement. LOL  But I love them anyway.

I started this blog off with I have a lot of friends because I’m preparing myself for all the texts and whatnot I’m gonna get with “Are you talking about me?” type anger in them.

Chances are no, I’m not talking about you.

I don’t understand how I can have friends that constantly use me to get through their tough times… They call me for advice or just support on a daily basis and then BOOM!!! Things get better for them and then I don’t hear from them. They get ghost like Casper.

Now I understand not wanting to talk to someone because I am  the queen of that but damn I see you doing your thang with other people and I hear about you hanging with random folk and “Thanking God” for such and such but no mention of me.  Really? I’m not hating because that ain’t on my agenda but damn boo.

Then your shit blows up and you’re back to calling me? Anyhoo, the downside to being me is that I as long as I call you friend, I am loyal til the end. So the next time you need me….I’m there.

Although…..once you make it to the other side. (To my shit list ) I never look back. LOL

I love y’all anyway.



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