Peaks and Valley’s….Dip it low

So I talk to women about how to get your sexy back and how to get that spark back in your relationship. I also am very honest and talk about the Peaks and Valleys in a relationship….sexually.

I’m going through a valley right now.  My hubbs and I are not doing the do. I know–gasp right? Vivienne Craft is not sexing?  But like I explain to my women….Shit happens.

I was sick. Like really sick for weeks and before that I was feeling like straight trash.  I am just now starting to get my mojo back.

I do feel guilty about not hooking my dude up. I am working on it though. I am following my own advice and doing the things I need to feel sexy again and get back to my old self.

Funny thing is that I used to have a strict threshold of getting it in. If I went past two weeks without getting served I started to go crazy. Like I started to have crazy sexual thoughts and made plans to rape my husband. You don’t want to know what kind of sexual nonsense I think of during those times. LOL Maybe you do want to know. *bobs eyebrows*

But man this is probably the longest point in which I have gone without getting laid. Like since I have been with the hubbs. I’m talking almost 20 years.

This is effecting in me more ways than one. I get inspired to write my books from my husband so if I’m not having sex, I ain’t writing about having sex. That is super no bueno.

So what am I doing to get back into the “mood”. Number one is making sure I get over this sickness fully.  Second is getting back into my fitness routine. I worked out for the first time yesterday in like a month. I felt like I was going to die.

Another thing is I hate the winter and the cold. I tend to get a little blue because I can’t wear my uniform of short shorts and a tank. And I stop shaving. (TMI) not on purpose but because it’s cold in my bathroom and I am doing the best I can just to shower and be naked in there.

Anyhoo….I’m about to break my streak and get back to my sexual normal. I’ll keep you updated.



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