Lemme take a Smoke Break

Okay so on my personal Facebook page  I reposted something I thought was cute…..

2015-01-15 15.18.34

My bad….. I forgot how touchy the weed subject can be. Now let me be clear. Although I am not a weed smoker, some of my closest friends are in fact weed professionals. I mean no harm.

I just mean for those people that are always talking about they are broke but have not run out of weed since the 90’s……I’m talking about you.

Really any person who has a vice that impedes them from doing responsible things like buying a car or food or paying rent….I’m talking about you.

My one friend said that he was arguing the point that he gone do whatever he want to do. And basically folks who are buying cigarettes, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, weave or going to the club can do the same math as the weed people do and suck it. LMAOOOOO No he didn’t say suck it but I could tell a nerve had been struck.

BTW I don’t do any of those things….except buy weave, I love weave! If I could I would buy a whole wheel barrel full of that Malaysian Virgin and spread it over my bed and lay in it…rubbing it all over my body before I made me a head full of  hair that would put Beyonce to shame.

LMAOOOO I ain’t lying. But as I sit here weave free I am acknowledging the fact that I have bills and therefore will be paying those instead buying my head full of that Yaki.

So please friends….stop inboxing me about my funky attitude against weed. I get it and I’m sorry. But you remember that post I did a couple weeks ago? You know the one with Kim Kardashians feet?

close up stuffed

I wasn’t talking about you in particular and a couple of folks who inboxed me complaining….I ain’t even know you smoked. Stop forcing your foot in a shoe that ain’t meant for you.

I love you all.

And Cherie Johnson This is all your fault.




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