Natural Hair…Sorta

Okay I damaged the shit out of my hair by dyeing it blonde a couple years ago. It fell out. I gave myself a mullet. I cried for months.

So I went on a hair journey to grow it back.  I didn’t go natural but I cut down on the chemicals I put in my hair and I only perm my hair once or twice a year. I use oils and treatments as if it were natural. My hair has grown like wild fire. And the texture has come close to the texture I had when I was a little girl.

But here’s the problem….I have to work sooooo hard to manipulate it.  It’s so thick and wavy/curly. The only “easy” way to wear it is braided down. And straightening it is a two hour affair ( at least ) and it doesn’t stay straight.

I need help. Any suggestions.



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