I have been working on my new book. Details coming soon. Let me tell you, writing is hard, especially when you have several other jobs and a family. But as I write my flowery funny little romance novels, I can’t help but consider the other books in my category. I always check out my competition.

It seems like all the other books are about BDSM. Now don’t get me wrong. I read 50 shades of grey like everyone else but every story doesn’t have to be about bondage. I don’t know….

I write Interracial and African American erotica and I don’t feel like every story has to be about a man dominating a woman. I don’t know… something doesn’t feel right about every book being about a white man restraining and sexually dominating an African American woman. Seems like we’ve been there and done that. Just my opinion.

I write about love and sexual freedom.  Sweet stories with a lot of escapism. No shade to the BDSM writers because I never knock the hustle and obviously there is a market for it. Just saying that’s not my deal right now.



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