Orgasms….Let’s talk about it

Okay so…..Over the years I have talked to my friends about orgasms and yes it is a little taboo but with me and my friends….we talk about everything.

Here is one of the things I’ve learned. A lot of women are not getting the big O. And this saddens me. I mean truthfully this makes me sad. Every woman should cum and cum hard.

I have friends that have never had an orgasm from sex. And some never have had one at all! AT. ALL. *whelp* Now I’m not saying sex can’t pleasurable without the big finish but man it’s so much better with one.

So look, things haven’t always been flowers and rainbows for me either. I mean I never knew what I was missing but when I met my husband I realized…..

I am not giving too many details (cuz whores be lurking) but there is a reason I married my husband. Yeah Yeah I loved him and all– but the sex. Good God. Even the mundane sex was good. And the things he didn’t necessarily do so well he got an A for effort. And then after he’d been with me a little while he more than excelled. Now he doesn’t even have to try hard (and sometimes he doesn’t) and he gets me there.

Needless to say I get the question weekly about how to achieve orgasm. First of all you have to get to know yourself so you can tell someone else what you like. (Psst….Masturbate) And then do some research. (Psst…. Watch some porn) And then having a talented mate doesn’t hurt (Psst…Pray).

I mean I can’t tell you the magic word. Pretso Cumo! But I can tell you that unless there is a physical problem (or mental block) then there is nothing stopping you from showing your O face.

Then can we talk about multiple orgasms? WOOHOOO!



8 thoughts on “Orgasms….Let’s talk about it

  1. Sounds like solid advice to me — and I would also add having open communication with your partner about what you like. Your lover may be talented, but it certainly helps when he or she knows those specific things that drive you wild šŸ™‚

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