Real Talk (If you know its cuz she wants you to)

Okay so I have talked about men and when they do their dirt but I haven’t really talked about women doing theirs.

Look I’m a woman so I am always of a certain opinion about my females.  Just like not every man cheats, not every woman is faithful. But what I have learned is most women cheat “Because”.

For example their dude has messed them over several times and  they tired of that shit. Or the dude is neglecting her for some reason and she tired of that shit. He ain’t deep dicking her no more and she tired of that shit. Mostly cause she tired of that shit.

There also those times when the woman is just a skeez. Yeah we have those too.

The tie that binds these things is this….if a woman is doing something and her dude KNOWS about it?? Then she WANTED him to know or she doesn’t care that he knows which is the same as wanting him to know.

Because above all if she is still with the dude and hasn’t broken up with him yet then she just wants to make him jealous so he’ll wake up and appreciate what he has in her.

This does not apply to the skeezes. They just hoes.

Now, all that being said. If a woman is cheating or even THINKING about cheating with someone she has feelings for?????!!!! It would take the FBI, CIA, House, Sherlock Holmes (Both Robert Downey Junior and Benedict Cumberbatch) and the cast of that new show CSI: Cyber Crime to find out what she’s doing and with who.

You can look at her phone, GPS her follow her and you wouldn’t find out shit. You would literally need to die and haunt her ass to see what she was really up to until she told you she was leaving your ass.

In conclusion, unless you are dealing with a dummy, you are not going to know anything of substance until she is ready to let you know.

Just my opinion.



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