But why tho? Facebook and such.

I have been noticing a bunch of people posting these…. “We need to…” posts where its like they’re handing down some sage wisdom and prudent advice. And the funny thing is if you just wait twenty minutes, the next post is doing the opposite of whatever they were just waxing poetic about.

I know you know what I’m talking about.  The “We shouldn’t judge” or “What we should be doing is…”  They come out of nowhere like someone asked them to post it.

I wish you could see how hard I roll my eyes at those.

Then I’ve noticed that when I’m posting something light hearted or just something I’ve seen and wanted to share…there is always a person who jumps in writing a dang ole essay about something that may or may not be the point of my post. Now while I do enjoy conversation and debate I really don’t understand the need to jump on a platform about a funny picture or a joke.

And quite often they are responding to something that no one said anything about and then it scares the rest of the people off from commenting because of the book that was written by Encyclopedia Brown.

Depending on what the original subject was I usually respond with. “No one was debating that topic.” But that somehow spurns on another comment.

I just wonder why they do it. Are they trying to teach me a lesson? Is it to seem smarter? I have no idea but it is pretty much always amusing when it happens. And to see which person pops out of the woodwork to write me a novel on Facebook is like watching an episode of Jerry Springer.  “Really that guy?!” Hold on lemme just grab my popcorn.




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