But why tho? Vol. 2 (Kim K)

Okay sooooooo….Remember the other day when I was like why you gotta put everything out there? No? Well here it is: Body Shaming or Real Talk (NSFW)

I referenced Kim K. And Oh My God she has done it again and I just shake my head and go But why tho? Can you leave NOTHING to your husband? NOTHING? I am down for lingerie pics, bikini pics, nude allusion pics but straight up COOKIE!?

I gotta draw the line at the Cookie.

I remember when she freaked out over Playboy and said she would never get naked again. “One and done to say I did it.”  She said.

Then I remember her epic breakdown over that W magazine spread.

Here it is if you don’t remember….

Cry me a river over the nipple in W mag

Did you hear her? She said she is Never taking her clothes off again. Not even for Vogue. MMhmmmm. *sideeye*

She doesn’t want people to think all she’s good for is getting naked? Welllllll…….

Then she was nekkie in the stupid Paper Mag. And she didn’t even get paid for that shit.

(I’m not posting that shit again….but I think it’s in the other blog)

Now this. (props to MediaTakeOut for this story)

Really? Really?!!! Again! Straight. Up. Cookie.

Sweet Baby Jesus! I can’t! Not today.

Put some damn clothes you THOT!




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