Rear Window-ish

Okay So I have been watching my neighbor…..Well I have.  I admit that it is a bit stalkerish but he’s a cop that works nights so I see him every morning coming back from his night shift.  Anyhoo…he’s married with a kid but I think he’s having an affair. AND IN HIS OWN HOUSE!!!

*gasp* Scandoloso

One day two weeks ago, I saw a lady cop in a truck drive down our street looking for his house.  She drove past then found the house and turned around and parked. I thought it was weird because she never came by before. I thought that maybe our other neighbors that not so discreetly sell drugs out of their big ass house was about to get raided again.

Two days later the lady cop came back in her truck. Now she has been coming every morning just after the wife leaves and takes the kid to school. And then she leaves before he picks the kid up for school (we pick our kids up at the same time). I just think that is all kinds of skanky.

I could be wrong but…..




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